Meet Mr. Porter

So here it goes! My first blog post for Either Foe Filly. This blog posting is being specifically tailored to men, but I think that women will be able to learn a bit as well.

For those of you who have not been formally introduced, I would like you to me Mr. Porter. Mr. Porter is a fabulous e-commerce site dedicated to men’s designer fashion. They have a  great selection of classic designs updated for the modern man. Whether you need clothes for work, weekends, working out, for to fulfill your wanderlust, Mr. Porter as you covered. In fact, not only does Mr. Porter show you separate pieces, when you choose a piece you like the site will also show you a ready to go outfit. Another feature that I really like about Mr. Porter is their “What to Wear” section. Here you can find pieces and outfits that are perfect for weddings, vacations, work and more. It also goes on to break down each of these categories into subcategories, so that if you are going to a Beach Wedding you can find the perfect outfit. This is an amazing feature for the guy who simply want’s to be inspired, and even better for the man who doesn’t want to think about creating an outfit and would rather buy something that has already been put together.

The only drawback to Mr. Porter is that they only offer designer clothes. This means that the prices you are going to pay for the clothes is significantly higher than clothes that you would find in your mass-market department store. However, with designer labels come a higher quality product made of better materials, which likely to last you longer than something you pick up on the cheap. Mr. Porter does have a sale section of their website, and you can find some great deals. There is a lot of J. Crew (one of my personal favorites) that can be picked up for a good deal. Still, when they offer $8,000 jackets and mark them 50% off, you are still left with a hefty bill. So, if you cannot afford to have a wardrobe filled with only designer labels, and I personally don’t know anyone who can, you should definitely use Mr. Porter as a style reference. By a few pieces here that will last you a long time and can be used in a number of different outfits, and buy the rest of your wardrobe elsewhere.

Below I have attached some photos of outfits that can be found on Mr. Porter and that I personally liked. They will not only give you a bit of insight into what types of clothes the site offers, but also a glimpse of my style and what you can expect in the future from this blog.

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