A Spanish Adventure

Olé! Probably one of the first words that comes to mind when you think about Spain. Along with bull fighting, Flamenco,  and paella, olé has become iconic of Spain. Whether you know the definition or not, when you hear the word images of the matador, Don Quxiote, and fútbol come to mind. I have personally been lucky enough to have traveled to Spain, and loved every second of it. In fact, Barcelona is my absolute favorite city in the world that I have ever been to. With such great culture, history and geographic regions to explore, Spain is an amazing place to experience.

The art scene in Spain is top-notch. Featuring some of the world’s finest art collections in museums such as Museo del Prado and Museo Reina Sofia artist from all over are Europe and the rest of the world can be seen. Spanish natives have there work prolifically displayed, and it is amazing to see what artistic genius has come from this country. When I first saw Picasso’s Guernica I had no idea how large of a painting it was going to be. You see a picture of it in an art book, and you assume that it will be your average sized painting, on that would fit on a standard wall in your home. However, you will be greatly mistaken, as the painting is breathtakingly large. I will advise that Museo del Prado features much older paintings, think middle ages:  Velázquez, Goya, Rafael. Museo Reina Sofia on the other hand is much more contemporary and modern; it is here that you will find Guernica, an incredible Dali collection and much more.

In addition to what is traditionally thought of as art, Spain is home to two other forms of artistic expression: Flamenco and Bull Fighting. Flamenco includes dancing, singing and playing guitar, all in a traditional high energy fashion. While performing you can see and feel the emotion and passion that is being exuded from the stage. I have to say that seeing a Flamenco performance while in Spain has been on of the most culturally impactful experiences of my life. Never before, or yet since, have I been so fascinated with a performance. The other art form that Spain is known for is bull fighting. Although controversial in other parts of the world, Spain is proud of its bull fighting culture and history. Although I was unable to see a bull fight, it was not the right season while I was there, I was able to walk past bull fighting arenas. It is astounding the size, grandeur, and ornate detail that goes into an arena that is filled with dirt. This simply shows just how important bull fighting is to Spanish culture, and the value they place upon it.

Finally, if not for the different arts Spain has to offer, go for the fun. Whether it be a wine tasting, relaxing on the Mediterranean coastline, or even partying all night long in Ibiza, Spain is a must travel location. I promise that you wont regret your time, and will create memories to last for the rest of your life.

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