So Long, Farewell: Yves Leaves YSL

News has recently broke that current creative director of Yves Saint Laurnet, Heidi Slimane, plans to rebrand the company, by dropping Yves and renaming the brand Saint Laurent Paris (SLP). Reports say that the change will be made before Slimane presents his first collection in the fall, and is making the change to show that there is a new sheriff in town. Personally I think this is a terrible idea, and am surprised that investors in the company are allowing this change.

SLP simply does not roll off the tongue like YSL does, nor does it evoke the same images or history of an iconic brand. Not to mention, SLP will no longer allow for the same logo. Chanel hasn’t become Coco Chanel Couture. Louis Vuitton has not become Vuitton Leather. While both of these companies are headed by different designers than their founders, the name’s and logo’s of these companies have remained the untouched. I really do think it is a shame that this changes is happening, and hope that the business minds behind the scenes have a plan. Rebranding is never a cheap process. You must design a new logo, implement changes within stores, and more importantly educate the consumer, all of which add up. I am not convinced that this rebranding effort will pay off, and somewhat believe that is will actually cause a drop in sales.

Perhaps I am wrong, and given time it is possible that SLP will obtain the same status currently held by YSL, but as of right now I don’t see that happening. It wouldn’t surprise me if the company reverted to its original name after only a short time of using the SLP moniker. Until the change happens, we shall all remember the good times we had will YSL. Celebrate the life and joy we have received and not dwell on our grief.

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